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What is the peculiarity of women’s clothing plus sizes, selection criteria.

Selection of a wardrobe is not an easy task. The costume should match the chosen image and create a pleasant mood. Properly selected women’s clothing plus sizes is able to adjust the features of the figure, clearly emphasizing its merits. We will analyze the nuances of choice and think about what things should be in the wardrobe and which should be avoided. При выборе модной женской одежды больших размеров дизайнеры рекомендуют придерживаться нескольких несложных правил:

  • take into account the features of the figure. The V-neck will help accentuate the shape of the chest; with a pear-shaped type, the sheath dress will perfectly emphasize the silhouette, and a wraparound dress will visually narrow the waist;
  • elegant clothes require good linen. Properly selected underwear allows you to feel confident;
  • focus on the waist will help to make a thin belt, drawstring. But wide straps of bright colors should be discarded, as they visually expand the waist. Large patch pockets located in the waist area can also spoil the impression;
  • shoes are an important part of the costume. A good addition to women’s clothing of plus sizes will be pointed shoes with small heels. Such a model will help show the harmony of the legs. It is worth abandoning models with rounded or square noses, as well as ballet shoes;
  • ladies with large forms will suit beachwear in the form of a closed swimsuit or separate models with a tight closed bodice and high panties.

Having considered a few general rules, we will move on to particular recommendations for choosing a wardrobe.


Blouses are better to choose from thin fabrics with a smooth texture, preferring calm shades. The outfit can be either monophonic or have a small pattern: a narrow vertical strip or a small floral ornament. When choosing a blouse, you should also pay attention to the length. You can experiment here, but things ending above the waist should be removed from the wardrobe. The optimal length of blouses, jackets, sweaters – to the middle of the thigh.

Tunics are a good solution. They visually stretch the silhouette, hiding problem areas. Such a detail goes well with trousers. A thin belt will emphasize the waist. The best sleeve length for this garment is three quarters.

Choosing an open-top model is undesirable, as they may draw unnecessary attention to the fullness of the shoulders. It is better to choose things with a drop-down sleeve to emphasize the elegance of the brush. Jackets and cardigans with shoulder pads, bat sleeves or lush drape can create an undesirable volume.

An interesting detail can be a T-shirt or crop top. This can be plus-size home clothes or an element of a summer suit for a walk or an informal meeting. The modern variety allows you to choose t-shirts for almost any features of the figure. An interesting stylistic decision may turn out to be a thing with asymmetric outlines of a neckline or hem.


A suit such as office wear requires a skirt or trousers. A good choice would be straight cut pants or slightly flared from the hip. Such models can be both with arrows, and without them. If the company’s dress code allows, you can use slightly narrowed 7/8 pants or navy jeans.

A classic office silhouette features a pencil skirt. Skirts can be plain with a vertical pattern (for example, a narrow strip). Flared skirts will help women with a pear-shaped figure to emphasize the slim waist.

Jeans, due to their density, are able to fit the silhouette, thereby emphasizing the shape of the legs. They can be long in more conservative ways or shortened. In the latter case, platform shoes can be a good addition.

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