Plus Size Fashion: 10 Tips for Your Perfect Look. Tip #10

Casual v Neck Women Blouse

It’s all about Self Confidence and Self Love

Finally, we’ve all heard fashion dos and don’ts – especially for plus sizes – such as say no to bright colors or horizontal stripes that only make you look wider etc. Some people swear by it while others tend to think it’s a myth. Here, I probably won’t ask you to either follow or break the rules, but I’ll ask you to choose what works best for you. Because when it comes to style, everything 100% depends on your self-confidence and self-love

Knowing how to enjoy living and dressing with comfort and confidence is much more important rather than thinking whether you should follow or break the rules. If you feel good dressing with those rules, go for it. If you think they are oppressing, leave it. Just do what best and look good in you, all choices are yours and no one should take that away, because definitely fashion should  provide enjoyment and not the other way around.

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