Blouses for fat women who slim them

If a woman is far from modern canons of beauty, then this is not a reason to consider herself a fool. Moreover, contrary to the generally accepted opinion, men mostly prefer lively and cheerful laughter, not paying attention to their parameters and standards imposed by society. Moderate sports, proper nutrition and well-chosen wardrobe will help to gain self-confidence and become happy.

What blouses for overweight women who slim them, offer stylists this season?
With smell. This style allows you to demonstrate beautiful breasts and visually lengthen the neck. If there are extra centimeters at the waist and a small tummy is present, then you should give preference to a model up to the hips, which perfectly hides the existing flaws;

Free elongated fit. This is a great way to veil overweight hips. Such blouses are harmoniously combined with tight trousers and straight skirts of different lengths. With a vertical strip. Using such clothes, you can easily create the image of an elegant modern lady who knows how to present herself favorably. The most relevant combinations to date are black / white, burgundy / gray, mint / sand.

With decor. In this case, we have in mind a not too wide monophonic model with some original detail that will create the desired mood. For example, delicate openwork embroidery on the neckline of a flowing product made of chiffon will add notes of sexuality and femininity to the image. A dark-colored sports knit blouse can be revived with a large contrast button in the shoulder area or elegant drapery on the sleeves.

Light blouse with a peplum. Do not be afraid to break the stereotype that has faded on edge, that light shades are filled. Choosing the right style for yourself with a neat flounce at the waist, you can make a splash, both in the office and at the party!

When choosing blouses for overweight women who are slimmer, you will have to follow some rules. Short models should be avoided — the groin and upper thighs should be hidden from prying eyes. It is also necessary to carefully select the size: a large blouse will give volume, and too small — will highlight all the shortcomings. If possible, you should give preference to pastel or muted tones, bright shades visually increase the figure. If you like fitted silhouettes, do not deny yourself the pleasure of acquiring a similar model, the main thing is that it does not too fit the body.

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